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Ghost Plant, Indian Pipe, or Corpse Plant (Monotropa uniflora) This plant produces no chlorophyll but is parasitic on mycorrhizal fungi.

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Air plants are strange but beautiful relatives of the pineapple

Air plants grow without any roots and without any need for soil. They are in the same family as the pineapple. Known to science as Tillandsia species these weird plants really grow in the air.

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Growing drought resistant cacti and succulents in Tenerife

Aloe Vera ~ Aloe Vera (yellow) Positive qualities: Creative activity integrated with vital life-energy, active expression of soul fire Patterns of imbalance: Over-emphasis of will forces or creative fervor; “burned-out” or workaholic syndrome

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Foraging for edible plants and weeds to eat - Mallow

Marshmallow Plant- treat digestive problem, for better treatment

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Ice Plant or Barilla is a pretty and useful plant found on Tenerife

Ice plant is a succulent that is common in Tenerife. It gets its name because of the tiny crystals that cover its leaves and stems.

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Parasitic wild flowers of Tenerife: Dodder and Cytinus hypocistis

Tenerife parasitic plants: Dodder and Cytinus hypocistis