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    Includes a poem to help students remember the terms

    Mean median mode


    Divisibility Rules in a poem!

    Median, Mode, etc.

    Good game for teaching mean, median, mode and range

    Here's a nice handout for students with tips/tricks to remember different multiplication facts.

    Mean Median and Mode with Oreo cookies


    Great list of things teachers should do (or at least, think about!)

    Operations key word guide for student's personal use!

    Rap songs of mean, median, mode and range

    Subtraction Poem-anchor chart

    This 22 slide Power Point will help students remember measurements such as 12 inches in a foot, 3 feet in a yard, 4 cups in a quart, 2 pints in a q...

    how to add, multiply, and divide fractions.

    Area/Perimeter robots - get the children to draw robots and write the area and perimeter of each section (Sally Maddison)

    Fun and motivating way to help students learn their math facts!

    Accountable Talk for Math

    Shape Poem

    Farkle Math Freebie