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Silver Falls Dichondra - I loe the silver leaf waterfall especially with the dark planter.. must find a way to incorporate - perhaps with black mondo grass.

Thelymitra lucida - O Primavera Garden AMA orquídeas. Na verdade, todos aqui são loucos por orquídeas! #primaveragarden #plantas #flores #garden #jardim #orquidea #orquídeas #decoração

Oxalis <3 ~ Great plant and easy to take care of; it also blooms. You can purchase a pink flower variety or a white flower variety. ~ One of my favorites.

Vivid | Mixed | Color | Colour | цвет | カラー | Couleur | Colore | Cotinus Coggygria (smokebush)

Fique por dentro do Baile da Vogue 2014!

Costela de adão e samambaias. Baile da Vogue (Foto: Raphael Briest )

Jade Plant by Nancy Chow: Mature, healthy specimens of Crassula argentea flower with small but lovely blossoms when daylight is shortest. Here are some helpful hints to encourage blooming. homeguides.sfgate... #Jade_Flower #How_to_Flower #Photography #Macro