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    Snake plant pictured. It sounds like easy-care, drought-resistant types, such as snake plant (Sansevieria), ZZ plant (Zamioculcas), and corn plant (Dracaena), are best for you. These varieties all tolerate low light well and are great picks for growing in the office under desk lights.

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    • Denisha Fleury

      Residence, Interior Facade Or Ballcony From Green Idea As Wooden Natural Space Loft In Bansko By Fimera Design Studio 10: Natural Color Pale...

    • Lacey Almager

      Mothers tongue in wood room dividers with big white pepples. Loft in Bansko by Fimera Design Studio 10 Natural Color Palette Shaping Spacious Sophisticated Loft


      Natural Color Palette Shaping Spacious Sophisticated Loft | Fimera Design Studio | Resorts – Bansko, Bulgaria

    • Maiju Suutari

      Loft in Bansko by Fimera Design Studio 10 Natural Color Palette Shaping Spacious Sophisticated Loft

    • Molly Gaudette

      Beautiful and Natural Loft in Bansko by Fimera Design Studio. love half wall with plants

    • Emily Pickrell

      Snake plant pictured. Wall of plants behind couch to block sun hitting TV

    • Gabriela Lerner

      Loft In Bansko, Bulgaria // Fimera Design Studio Ltd |

    • Ando C

      Luxury Penthouse in Bansko interior design ideas

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    A good office design and style is essential to a good workflow. If it is too out there you will find employees are uncomfortable. If it is too dated they are frustrated. Several of these designs are perfect offices incorporating familiarity, modern design, and nature into one.

    Structural Indoor Plant in square planters - super modern way to bring plants inside...

    Plant as Pirvacy Screen for indoor window: Sansevieria. The sansevieria (mother-in-law's tongue) in my bedroom window is a perfect indoor hedge. Planted in one long container, it provides privacy without sacrificing light. Sansevieria need watering once a month and love the shade but will adapt to light. Consider Nephrolepis exaltata for the planter.

    House plant

    Snake plant (Sanseviera). This plant can handle very low light levels, such as bathrooms without windows and dim inside corners.

    wall plants

    Our favorite low-maintenance, low-light plants for the office or desk: ZZ plant and snake plant

    The 6 Best Plants for a Healthy Office: Gardenia (Gardenia augusta)

    The snake plant: tolerant of low light levels and irregular watering. As a matter of fact, during winter it only needs to be watered every couple of months! And NASA found the snake plant to be one of the best plants for improving indoor air quality.

    Pretty Vintage Dining Room Design by Desiree Ashworth - now that I'm going for wood-look porcelain tile - I love everything about this room.

    Perfect Party Plant! ZZ Plant in Pottery Barn basket | Photo by Kim Folds | Derek Eason for Colonial House of Flowers at Georgia Southern University Statesboro Georgia

    .This indoor Plant Stand, instead of the Antique bird cage from Antique store with two live birds in it that could talk? lol hmm?

    Display your plants on Nesting Branch Plant Stands, Set of 3 |

    Magical kitchen

    When arranging a living room, it's often best to place the sofa first. Where will you put it? For years homeowners and renters have been setting up their sofas against the wall. It seems like such ...

    square frames in a gallery wall, white, black, and pink dining room

    LOVE the built-trough filled with snake plants!!!

    Replace the plants with cds and this would be perfect c: great way to break up cafe/ lounge area from office work space and great acoustic qualities

    plants overflowing the railing