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OMG this is so true ...... I promise to never say those words and stay on your good side lol

I 'm sorry, I can't save your life right now, I don't have you in our system, so I can't put any orders in just yet.

Next time, If you expect me to believe you are in 10/10 pain, you better be on fire or have a stick potruding from your eye.

BAAAHAHAHAHA!!! Can I get a A-M-E-N???

don't forget about the wide ass

NURSES - We can't fix stupid but we can sedate it. My dad says you can't fix stupid, here's the!

It was a nurse who held me, saved me, helped me, taught me, inspired me.

So true for nurses:) I had a pt touch my heart today.... doesn't happen everyday, but thankful for when it does.....

What's funny about this? That's how it is at our house! :)