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Keep calm

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Yea, then test it again later.


A reminder for @Elizabeth Lockhart Scruggs and @Daniela Maselli garcia, you guys are awesome moms!!!!


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The yo-yo effect...love this. It is so very true!!

Diabetes problems

"Controlling your diabetes could make you look tough. A special tattoo ink, that changes color based on glucose levels inside the skin, is under development by Massachusetts-based Draper Laboratories. The injectable nanotech ink could eventually free diabetics from painful blood glucose tests."

Type 1 Diabetes--It's more that you don't want to eat.. Then your blood sugar drops and you eat the entire kitchen!

Blood sugars constantly fluctuate with food, insulin, exercise, hormones. You can do the same thing everyday and have different results....Ain't that the truth!


One day

Keep Calm and Sip On with this Set of 4 Double Old Fashioned Glasses. These cocktail glasses make a great gift.

Now I can finally understand the American equivalent of blood sugars. "122, HOLY GOD!"