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Snowflakes tattoo---would love in white ink up my side!! Emily Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Caraway

White Ink Tattoo: Paw Print on Wrist I want this for my career as a vet tech!!!

Paw print tattoo, white ink. Without the heart and I want my cats actual print. I have the impression from when he died. And on my upper inner arm. Ouch but close to the heart.

White dog paw print tattoo, maybe without the little heart though!!

I'd have to do research to see how long this would "last", but I think if I were to do a tattoo, this might be something I'd consider: light ink!

Pros and Cons of a getting a White Ink Tattoo. Read this before getting one

white ink tattoo...something like this is a good idea

pawprint tattoo ideas | Recent Photos The Commons Getty Collection Galleries World Map App ...

Paw print tattoo. This is the first foot tattoo I've ever seen that I actually love. Wouldn't copy it exactly from this girl, but it looks really awesome on her. Love.

white ink bird tattoo... why would somone get a tattoo on their side boob? But I love the design of the bird ...... Looks like a dove ..... Which coincidently mate for life ......

Cat paw print tattoo. Would love this.