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  • Jackie Ogden

    I actually remember the candy cigarettes! Not the lighter though. What were our parents thinking?

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Vintage Hospital Play Set - I loved toys like this as a kid!

Vintage Philip Morris play pack for children...'When you don't want the kids playing with the real thing, oh and we threw in a pack of smokes too!'

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I love this cute vintage pick-up sticks packaging.

MERRY: 1950 My Merry Wash-N-Wave Set. I have some of the curlers from my sisters. 1950 was before my time.

Fun for kids, 1960s style - toy cigarettes & lighter. Hey... Good idea... Let's teach the kids to smoke!

Mister Merry's Play Lighter - Let's play smoking! Amazing that they marketed this to kids. - Thanks Philip Morris - We have a problem here!

I spent hours building windmills, towers and bridges. TinkerToys were (and are) the best!

1950s Erector Set Vintage Toy In Metal Box C

Corning Ware Set. I had these and I made macaroni with hot water from the sink. Yikes!