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  • Jackie Ogden

    I actually remember the candy cigarettes! Not the lighter though. What were our parents thinking?

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Vintage Hospital Play Set - I loved toys like this as a kid!

Vintage Philip Morris play pack for children...'When you don't want the kids playing with the real thing, oh and we threw in a pack of smokes too!'

I love this cute vintage pick-up sticks packaging.

Mister Merry's Play Lighter - Let's play smoking! Amazing that they marketed this to kids. - Thanks Philip Morris - We have a problem here!

Corning ware Blue Flowers - I loved to make coffee out of mud. Best coffee in town.Lol!!

Corning Ware Set. I had these and I made macaroni with hot water from the sink. Yikes!

I was queen of Jacks...hours of fun! 1960s Toy Metal Ball and Jacks Vintage Graphics Mint On Card by Christian Montone, via Flickr

Play cigarettes. There was talc inside that would puff out of the tip. The end of the cigarette was red and shiny and looked like the real thing. Crazy!

Playing dots - you put your initial in completed box. Whoever had the most completed boxes won!

One of the many "My Merry" play sets, the "Stationery Store" was produced by Merry Manufacturing Co. in Cincinnati in 1959. The box resembles a store front with name brand items in the windows, i.e., Hallmark Cards, Scotch tape, and Faber pencils.

Jacks - my mom played "jacks" and taught me how to play... in the Fifties. That and Tiddly Winks.