104.1192: Mister Merry's Play Lighter | play set | Play Sets | Toys | National Museum of Play Online Collections | The Strong This was 100% Real, takes those stick pretzel cigarettes to a whole new level

The Game of COOTIE ... the only "Cooties" you wanted back then ... If I remember "BOYS had Cooties" right?


Played with this for hours as a kid

Vintage 1960's Mattel Liddle Kiddle Kologne Toy Dolls Perfume Bottles

Lemon twist--one of my favorite toys! Circa late '70s.

Dippity-do Setting Gel by Gillette

"One of the coolest toys from the 60s!!!....Creepy Crawlers!.....b♡"...and still real cool for years after...

Kissing Potion Lip Gloss....I remember this stuff!!!!

Candy cigarettes! Little did anyone know back then how wrong this would seem now

Who didn't have a Spirograph?

Baby's First Cigarette

Vintage Dime Store Toys

Prices in the 1960s

80's toys Play Doh barber shop--still have it! And yes, I play with it and sometimes let my kids play too!

I had this set and it was one of my favorite things EVER I would use it to play Veterinarian with my stuffed animals all the time (I took good care of my stuffed animals. My sole Barbie doll was naked and headless all the time, but those stuffed animals were a different story).

1960s toys - Miss Merry's Hospital Set | Online Collections | The Strong

Corning Ware Set - play dishes!... I got these the same Christmas I got my little tikes play kitchen.

Mr. Potato Head . l did have the bits to make a Mr. Potato Head, but mine was bought on a card from Woolworth, they had such good toy range for pocket money. I miss Woolies!

I loved Colorforms!