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Planning to "send some letters to Heaven" with the kids on the 1 year marker of my dads passing. Going to include photos from the last year, too. Hoping to make it a tradition...

The interaction between Mom, Dad, and Baby is terrific. And the light on baby's face? Delicious!

best way to eat oreos....i am doing this with my little girl every day. well maybe not everyday but it will be a special way to enjoy a standard treat! now i want oreos.

"The thing's she'll see, the wars she'll wage, the strife she'll encounter, the love she will lose, it is a cruel fate, is it not?" "Cruel, but necessary. Besides, if she can bear it, she will not have to bear it long. The world is changing, but without her, it will fall." -Alexis Mellark The tiny blonde girl, too small, too innocent, too trusting. She was hurt too many times. But she rose in the dawn after the darkness.

AWWW!! i'm definitely gonna be one of those crazy moms that takes a million portraits of my offspring

JinkyArt Blog – Barb Uil, Children, Lifestyle and Babies Commercial and Portrait Photographer

remember when the only cares you had in the world was if you could beat your best friend at a hoola-hoop contest? the days when you spent hours outside, trying the master that skill…

red balloon photography. always creates these incredible images that are airy, feminine, and soft.

One day, I will dress my daughter up as a fairy and make her do things like this. :)

All our best shots seem to come from interacting with something... guess it helps the kids relax and allows us to catch their natural reactions... this would be a fun prop/ medium to play with. photography Holly Cummins