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It’s another Fitness Friday and guess what? IT STILL FITS! Woot! That’s big news from someone with a looong history of losing weight and then quickly gaining it all back (and then some). I definitely still need to lose more weight (5-10 pounds) but things are looking good as we roll into the homestretch. Image Courtesy of: It's Fitness, Baby What concerns me now is that I’ve had to say goodbye to Hot Patrick. That’s right. Hot Patrick has left us for greener pastures (a better job at a gym closer to his home and family) and I’m super concerned about what’s going to happen after the wedding – what or WHO will motivate me then? Because y’all, it’s EASY for me to slack off and gain weight. I hate exercising (all that stuff about how you’ll end up loving it and miss it when you can’t do it – CRAP.). I love chips, and bacon cheeseburgers, and Pepsi. I like sitting on my ass in front of the TV or computer for hours at a time. Image Courtesy of: Crypt Analyze So, you see my dilemma. Should I try and meet up with Hot Patrick once a month for a refresher at his new gym (the Anytime Fitness on Bulverde Road in San Antonio, Texas – go visit!)? Should I try really hard to like one of the other personal trainers at my gym (which I really don’t – they’re nice and all but not what I’m looking for)? Should I go back to using Oxygen magazine for all my workout routines? What Would Team Tulle Do? P.S. That TOTALLY needs to be on a T-shirt! Image Courtesy of: Lianne Steffenson In the meantime, The Boy has suddenly (one month before our wedding) decided it was time to lose...

#CITATION - "The Strongest People are not those who show Strength in Front os Us but those who Win Battles we know Nothing About"

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