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  • Emily Williamson

    Slugs - Yuck!! Let's Get Them!! Coffee - Save dregs & directly on them. Surround plants w/used coffee grounds to deter slugs & feed plants. Copper. Hot-glue pennies around the top of containers. Human hair. Surround plants with a protective barrier of hair. Citrus. Leave rinds out overnight. Remove early morning. Egg Shells Loosely crushed sprinkled in a thick ring around the base of young tender plants .

  • Phyllis Bengtson

    How to Keep Your Yard and Garden Pest-Free Without Harsh Chemicals

  • Kristine Putt

    How to get rid of slugs from your garden || Dr. Dan's Garden Tips: Sabotaging the Slug Society

  • Roseann Franciszkiewicz

    Garden slugs | Organic natural slug control... use a squeezed out half orange or grapefruit placed cut side down, with a little space for slugs to crawl under and inside... apparently they like these citrus peels. A few hours after dark this gal found dozens of snails in each orange half! It took only a minute to collect the orange halves with all the snails in them, probably close to hundred. Escar-gone!!

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Here are some great tips on to get rid of slugs. Good luck!

Glue pennies to the side of your square foot garden bed to keep slugs away. Slugs and snails won't cross copper.

Get Rid of Slugs with Grapefruit Rinds! You can use a variety of fruit rinds for this, including orange, lemon, and lime rinds, cantaloupe or honeydew melons that you've halved and scooped the fruit from, or winter squash rinds you've halved and hollowed out. Don't spend any extra money next time you have to deal with a slug problem. Check your produce drawer or root cellar instead!

who knew: pennies in the garden repel slugs and make hydrangeas blue! >> I am learning a lot here on pinterest today! Neat!

I have a soft spot for all animals, but this might be the ugliest thing ive ever seen. How to Get Rid Of Garden Moles

I save all of my eggshells & coffee grounds & sprinkle them around my hydrangeas & roses. The calcium is good for the roses & the coffee grounds make the soil more acidic for the hydrangeas. Organic Gardening - How to Deter Slugs and Snails With Eggshells

This is an organic gardening secret that everybody should know! Deter snails & slugs naturally.

Copper Tape on Pots Deters Slugs and Snails

Worm tubes, a place actually in the garden into which you can put vegetable scraps; the worms then come into the bottom of the tube, eat through the scraps, and move out into the garden to deposit their castings.

Get rid of slugs without poisons that pollute your garden and endanger your pets (and wildlife). Organic slug control at