ornament for students to give their parents for Christmas

christmas ornaments - great gift idea!

obviously can make this myself and don't need to buy it on etsy, buy so cute for an ornament each year.

Christmas bulletin board

Great activity. You can integrate so many subjects with this activity. Science: the hatching of an egg Math: the number of eggs a bird can lay. Reading: N for nest or B for bird

The most adorable parent Christmas gift...EVER:)

LOVE this Christmas idea for parents. :)

Christmas crafts

Christmas Gift for Parents; Glue in Small Photo of Student

Parent gift idea? So cute!

Open House before first day of school Tour. Parents can follow the signs and do everything you need them to do before the first day of school. Ends with a little gift for the student and the parent to welcome them into the class.

This craft stick school bus frame is easy for kids to make and a fun way to celebrate back to school.

Thumbprint ornament

Christmas ornament!

Would b good to have them have to measure and cut or find one of each length to b able to make it include some math

So easy and cute!

OMGeeeeee!!!!! I love it!! This is it, for real ~ this year's Christmas gift for parents! :D

Elf yourself: I am SOOOO making these with my kids this November to hang in the room all of December and send home for Christmas! This freakin' rocks! Hahahaha!

Snowman Ornament- for Parent gifts next year?

Christmas Gifts DIY- would be cute gift for students :)

A cute gift for students!