You just need a few tools to build a boxing ring and then you can spar and practice footwork. Always make sure your ring is in proper working condition.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr.


Mike Tyson's first Sports Illustrated cover, January 6, 1986.

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It was October 30, 1974, and the event was billed as “The Rumble in the Jungle.” Heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman defended his crown in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) against challenger Muhammad Ali.

Mike Tyson...One of the most aggressive athletes I've had the pleasure of watching...Could have been even better...

Max Baer, stopped fighting after he unintentionally killed 2 men in the ring. Boxing


Tommy the "Hit man" Hearns. Probably one of the best right hands in the history of boxing.


So mean he makes medicine sick

Roy Jones Jr. best boxing performer

the greatest

Mike Tyson.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. certainly one of my favorite boxer. He has amazing technique and beautiful technique. Each time i train i think of him.

boxing..Marco Antonio Barrera

Roy Jones, Jr.... Won 55 (KO 40)-Lost 8 Roy Jones, Jr. held a record 7 belts at the same time. He's also the only fighter to start out at junior middleweight, and move all the way up to heavyweight. He's the only boxer to win a Middleweight Championship of the world, and move up and also win a Heavyweight Championship of the world in 106 years. He is boxing history... #boxing