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  • Kevin Henry

    Making this bad boy to train the baddest mother fuckers alive out of the one the only you know where KAWARTHA COMBATTTT!

  • Gabby

    How To Build a Homemade Boxing Ring! Let's do this shit!!!!!

  • Mark Stapleton

    7. cuando era un nino, Juan era un boxeador muy bueno

  • Georgia Prudhomme

    You just need a few tools to build a boxing ring and then you can spar and practice footwork. Always make sure your ring is in proper working condition.

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a different era. reminds me of my grandfather's stories of going to the fights.

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you have to fall to know how good it feels to get back up!

The woman lightweight world champion boxing Louise Adler training with the prize fighter Joe Rivers for the match in which she will defend her title, United States 1926

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Bom dia. Enquanto Deus permitir, amanhecer√° em mim, todos os dias, a coragem de fazer o que mais aprendi com a vida: continuar lutando. Rosi Coelho***