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Yikes! Pencils your parents won't swipe!

Critter Sitters - loved them! I mademy slam book in a bigger size CritterSitters

.the great 50's ~~ I had to wear them as a kid in the 60's. not because they were in style any more, but because they were "corrective shoes" for flat feet! ~~GG

The only time I could talk to my friends during class was when getting out a book from the under desk shelf.

I had this! Rainbow School Kit. 1980's Stationary set.

Label Maker. I still have my dad's and all the unused tape from the 70s

Fisher Price Little People Schoolhouse...I LOVED this set. Loved the playground too and my "kids" had alot of recess... Has a bell in the belltower that DINGS when you push the button on top.

We had one of this style of swings at our elementary school and i spent many a recess swinging happily. it...

Writing tablet - essential in school supplies

They had these chairs at the Baskin Robbins ice cream shop when I was a kid. We would sit and eat our cones sitting in a row.. :)