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Hellooo 2014!

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Fill your lungs with fresh air. Make them ache from hard work. Remember: The missing pieces of your patchwork soul are only telephone lines away. Call, call, call until your voice is raw. They think of you just as often. Smile more on rainy days. Give someone something meaningful. Take a chance on a sidewalk romance. Work harder to see the beauty. Create. Don't wait for inspiration. Break down her doors and drag her out screaming. Be better than the least possible effort. Show up.

every day.

You are in control.

I love this so much.

The Ultimate List. Just Try Your Best

A Manifesto for a Simple Life...

good one

Might be my new years resolution. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. Also, the term "pet peeves."

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Do no harm (but take no shit).

Life's Little Instructions


Always a good resolution!

"Creativity is subtraction" by Austin Kleon: What does this mean? - "One, getting really good at creative work requires a lot of time and attention, and that means cutting a lot of fluff out of your life so that you have that extra time and attention. And two, creativity in our work is often a matter of what we choose to leave out, rather than leave in—what is unspoken vs. spoken, what isn’t shown vs. what is, etc." #Creativity