Oh man! Harry Potter "textbook"...I will take one of each please

Hogwarts Textbooks!!!

Hogwarts textbooks

I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT. Wizardopoly: A Harry Potter and Monopoly Based Board Game. $31.50, via Etsy.

Provides links and instructions to create a pretty dang legit spellbook.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses Passport cases

harry potter house crest pin set

Hand-made Harry Potter trunk and books



ID cards!! lol

Now this I would stick on the back of my car. :)

Hogwarts houses by hugs.

where shall i live?

You know you are a Harry Potter fan when… (Of course, the movies just make me sad, but I keep watching them hoping they'll magically get better...)


Harry Potter humor

CNN actually researched how much it would cost to go to Hogwarts. I'd take out the loans, it'd be worth it! And besides, the only one you'd have to pay yearly is the tuition and textbooks.

I needs this!

Meanwhile at Hogwarts...

Hogwarts ID's.