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Oh man! Harry Potter "textbook"...I will take one of each please

I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT. Wizardopoly: A Harry Potter and Monopoly Based Board Game. $31.50, via Etsy.

Hogwarts Textbooks!!!

Hogwarts textbooks

Note to self: check these out, since they've got good reviews on goodreads and JK liked them...Holy Crap.

harry potter house crest pin set

Provides links and instructions to create a pretty dang legit spellbook.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses Passport cases. Neeeeed!

Hand-made Harry Potter trunk and books

ID cards!! lol

You know you're a Harry Potter fan when... <-- I didnt think i was that insane, butafter reading this I have come to the conclusion that I am MAD AS A HEADMASTER!! (True HP fan will get that. )

I think I shall buy one of these - $29.99

Ravenclaw Tower by *Whisperwings on deviantART there are drawings of all of the Hogwarts houses. Super cool.


NEED Fleece Blanket MARAUDERS MAP Harry Potter Fleece by iloveweird, $33.50

The Grim Teacup $16 on etsy

Once a Hogwarts student, always a Hogwarts student.

magic harry potter mug

http://www.newclothestrends.com/category/harry-potter/ Harry Potter - I Workout So I Can Climb the Stairs at Hogwarts