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I had one of these in the early 1970's...mine broke in half and I never heard from the soldier...

POW MIA Bracelet from the Vietnam war.Next pinner - I lost my POW MIA Bracelet however I will never forget the young man's name - Rudy Beccarra Spec IV. At the Wall I learned he was from Texas.

Do you remember analog televisions with VHF and UHF channels growing up?

"Turning the dial" on the TV.we got THREE channels. Had to get up to turn it in and off, turn the volume up or down and change channels.

Oh My......I Do!

square dancing in gym class - OMG - I remember that. We had to square dance and learn folk dances: greek, jewish, and others I don't remember. we were always dancing like zorba the greek

You are too young to remember colored toilet paper...

Colored Toilet Paper ~ I don't remember if white was even available around the time that the colored stuff was? I remember pink, blue, green and yellow. There might have been a peach color too.

Still have one :) I love the smell

cedar boxes ~ these were given to every graduating Senior girl by local furniture stores in the hope that we would buy our Hope Chests at that store. Every girl had to have a Hope Chest.

Book cover

Ahh the good ole days.Who remembers doing this.Covering all your school books with paper.using paper bags from the food store! Had to cover each and every book !