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Oh it's Eleanor... I would really just like to be her. I want what she's wearing....her accent.... her face.... her hair.... her body.... and oh yeah, her boyfriend *cough cough* Louis Tomlinson is gorgeous. Okay, I'm done now....kinda

Jackie and the girls meeting the boys for a meal

Leaving France. El looks like a model... oh wait she is :)<< She's not a model. But she was a floor model at Hollister.xx

Hey I'm Eleanor Calder Dallas! I'm sassy and rude sometimes. If your not at my level of beauty and awesomeness bye bye! Introduce?

Day 9: A photo of a celebrity who you would love to be best friends with → Eleanor Calder

It's so funny! I have exactly 695 more pins in my Elealover board than my 1D board...:) idk...she's just my role-model!! Eleanor says is weird/funny/cute to be a 'role model' but she's the only girl I look up to...Eleanor you're not just a collage girl...are much more! ♥ my inspiration def..:) xxxxxx

lou's mom with el. love that his mom wants them to get married :) i adore them together! (though if they really did get married, i'd obviously have very mixed feelings...)

Eleanor Calder I lover her outfit!!!!

Eleanor Calder. Okay, so my idiot of a brother was like, "Thats louis' girlfriend? She's not even pretty." And I just turned around super slow and was like, "Take it back." And he was like, "No, she's not that pretty." And then I went off on him and ended with, "Lord, please help the blind." And walked away. :)

@Eleanor Calder only you could look amazingly pretty in this^^ :P