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My favorite journals are on sale! Kelly Barton is having a sale in her shop! Use coupon code GROWGIRL for 20% off her gorgeous Moleskines and other beautiful things. (Apply the coupon on the checkout page.)

I need to learn this. Challenge and encourage people to strive to be a better person but love them in the process

surround yourself with good friends ♥

Love this!!! "everybody deserves somebody who makes them look forward to tomorrow"

Don't waste words on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all

Greatness (by estheticcore) It’s good to be surrounded by dreamers, but you do need people who combine dreaming with actual doing.   I like that this motivational quotation includes doers in the mix. Well said.

every woman HAS to know this. You cannot control what others think of you or how they feel about you -- but you are in complete control of what and how you think of yourself. Someone who completely loves and accepts themselves, does not need anyone else to affirm that.

life is about doing things that dont suck with people who dont suck

Or is it always the right thing to be right. No matter who you hurt?

They'll stay by you no matter what. They don't see the ugly or don't fear the darkness, but they know you fully and completely and still manage to love you the same or maybe even more than ever before.

I am absolutely HORRIBLE at this!!! My "no" comes out more like, " yeah, sure I can do that." Ugh.