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Morning Light

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The water moved, rippled, bubbled. An arm rose up, struggling to reach the shore, desperately searching for a handhold before it was too late...

Kinfolk Magazine - S. Velten Portland, OR An outtake for an herb drying story for Kinfolk Vol. 5. Taken with a Contax 645. On the blog. @parkerfitzhenry

Feathers are wonderful to photograph | souvenirs from a morning walk | Flickr #blackandwhite

Often the stalking hipster will freeze, and pretend he is invisible. Be careful not to frighten the stalking hipster in these quiet moments, this is when he is the most fragile.

"Come on, babe! It's time to go! I've rented us a vintage mini cooper that we can use for our weekend getaway to the Scottish Highlands. No, you don't need that dress because I have plans to buy you a new one. Because I love you!"

Sunshine-go outside. Jump rope; walk round the block. Don't worry, be happy. Walking in the rain can be peaceful when you are holding hands.

The sounds of a blue jays cawing in the trees outside awoke me from my sleep, the trailer was silent. Parting the blinds with my hands I looked out towards the woods .

Photo by James Fitzgerald III / Styling by Joy Sunyoung Fitzgerald of MADE BY SOHN / nest Robe for Kinfolk Japan