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  • Michael Arnhem

    Typography poster : "I wish the English language had more interesting characters

  • Amanda Avens

    english poster

  • aGarfunkel

    livinglive: goodjolt: goodjolt: Love this – so true. The English language is great for weaving words. But the alphabet is so boring to look at trifunkalicious: sethteeters: haha, me too! I love looking at typography from other countries just for that reason. (via relicsatheart)

  • Sebastien Park

    i wish the english language had more interesting characters (A fun typographic poster design, by Mcianco Punto)

  • Betsy Stromberg

    Good for grammar book cover?

  • Pinned Ideas

    Witty Typography Posters, the LOL of Graphic DesigningCreatiWittyBlog

  • MindMeld

    I wish the English language had more interesting characters. #linguistics #humor #funny #language

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