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    • Ashley Rutherford

      method for cleaning a microfiber sofa - rubbing alcohol, a scrubbing sponge and a bristle brush

    • Sharin Eskeldson

      How to Clean Microfiber Furniture....spray rubbing alcohol on the spot, scrub with scatchy side of sponge, fluff with bristle brush. Yup it works.

    • Kay Warner

      cleaning microfiber couches--- water will leave a permanent mark when it dries. That means most carpet and upholstery cleaners won't work.-- Step 1: Vacuum with a brush attachment to remove any hair/crumbs/etc Step 2: Spray rubbing alcohol onto the dirty area This sounds a bit crazy, but it's key. The alcohol won't saturate the fabric and evaporates much quicker than water so it won't leave a mark. Just test in an inconspicuous spot if you're worried about colorfastness. Step 3: Rub vigorously with a clean scrub sponge Make sure the scrubbing surface is white or the color could transfer. Plus you'll be able to see all the grime coming off your furniture. Be prepared to be grossed out (and secretly thrilled) - this sponge was white before! Step 4: Let the area dry completely The fabric may look stiff or dark in places, but the next step will take care of that. Step 5: Rub with a clean, soft scrub brush in a circular motion Again, be sure to use a brush with white bristles to avoid discoloration. This step fluffs up the surface of the fabric to make it soft again.

    • Cindy Grabowski

      How to clean microfiber furniture 1. Spray rubbing alcohol 2. Rub with clean sponge 3. Let dry 4. Fluff with a scrub brush

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