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When to Pick Morel Mushrooms in Oregon

by Suzanne Richmond
Picking hundreds of pounds of superbly flavored morels in Oregon is a mushroom lover's delight, since the season is long due to very cool summers and mountainous regions. These gourmet mushrooms thrive under the leaves in Oregon fir and pine forests and near wetlands, and are the first to pop in spr...
  • Kim Sheppard

    Indiana Mushroom Hunting Season |

  • Tina Horn

    Morel mushrooms are avidly hunted each spring after the first frost by a legion of gourmets and “schroomers” who appreciate the applications of morel mushrooms, especially for French recipes. The mushroom grows up to 4 inches high and the top of the morel mushrooms have a bumpy appearance. The distinctive and meaty flavor of the morel...

  • Maura Benseler

    How to Grow Morel Mushrooms in the Garden | eHow

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