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EL BUEN PASTOR Добрый Пастырь Украина, Конец XIX в

The earliest depiction of Jesus that has been found is a mid-third-century wall painting in the St. Callistus catacomb in Rome. Jesus is shown as a young beardless shepherd caring for the sheep. The image derives from depictions of the Greek god Hermes, often shown as a shepherd, who functioned as an intercessor between human and divine and who guided souls into the afterlife.

The Good Shepherd | Unknown | 3rd century | fresco (detail) | Catacombs of Priscilla, Cubiculum of the Good Shepherd, Rome, Italy

Youth, trellis and vines, 3rd-5th century AD (fresco). Roman. Possibly a boy gathering grapes; Catacombe dei Giordani, via Salaria; Catacomb of the Giordani, Rome, Italy

Early Christian funerary art from the Roman catacombs depicting the good shepherd 3rd-5th century CE (1) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!