Macoto Murayama

Tsviatko Kinchev #illustration

From the Trees (etching) by Philippa Jones via Etsy

Pablo Valbuena

olafur eliasson

#Mandala - Flower of life

Roman garden painting, detail, first century A.D.

Blood Moon


Marina Richterova(Russian, b.1962) Iris japanese cycle 2006 Print - lithography

Perennial Moment by papermoth

Creative Colored Pencil Sculptures

Macoto Murayama

'Not Ready Yet'... Watercolour by Beth McGale.

Parnassia Palustris (Pentandria Tetragynia), formerly in an album (Vol.VII, 50); Grass of Parnassus. 1776 Collage of coloured papers, with bodycolour and watercolour, and a leaf sample, on black ink background


Floral Radiographs by Steven N. Meyers ...X-ray images of flowers and plants __ for pattern inspiration

i love you like the sun loves the moon. :)

3D portraits made out of screws by Andrew Myers

Rabi Khan, Painting, 2010, "Flower Unknown 2"