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dyeing with black beans

Black Beans Dye turns out they're not only one of my favorite foods but make a beautiful dye as well. beans, how i love thee!

Black beans are not only delicious and nutritious. You can also dye your yarn with it. And the color is actually very pretty. Not what I would have expected.

Heat will destroy the blue color, so all you have to do is put your pre-wetted fiber into the bowl and wait. Black bean dye is very sensitive to pH, so you can play around with the color by adding a little baking soda or vinegar. My tap water is alkaline and so I got a beautiful bright blue. I used 1k of beans to dye 200g (of wool)

Black Bean dyeing (3) by p.hubler, via Flickr click through for gorgeous photos of various natural plant dyes

Dyeing with Tansies gives this pretty yellow!!!

Natural Dying using black beans! Gorgeous blues!

Use black beans to get a blue color natural dye!

dyeing with black beans... You just use the water you soak the beans in, so you still can cook with the beans. Results range from blues to greens.