Haha, I love Boy Meets World

this episode

Boy Meets World, I love this show!!!

Boy meets world

Cheating will never sound this romantic. | 20 Ways Cory And Topanga Gave You Unrealistic Expectations About Relationships


Haha I remember Phil of the Future. Wasn't my favorite show though. I'd have to disagree...I always thought David Henrie was way cuter than him. Jake T Austin too...some of the guess stars or reoccurring stars were cute too. Haha. Like the brunette guy that played Hannah/Miley's boyfriend for like 2 episodes in the last season.

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Enchanted :)

This show

Hahahaha, Mean Girls meets Miley Cyrus. And with short hair she looks like a British man.

Holy flashback.

Definition of I love you.......I love this show I will one day own every season

21 jump street

Boy Meets World

Boy meets world<3

Feeny is always there!!

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Epic bromance.