Fox and Bunny, Ashley Percival

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fox in a waistcoat

fox in a waistcoat

woodland animal art, Woodland Poster-Childrens Wall Art Print -Owl - FOx- Otter - hedgehog - Raccoon ,Squirrel  8x11 inches by holli on Etsy

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Vintage Book Illustration Glass Charm Soldered Pendant - Red Fox

Red Fox Pendant - Vintage Book Charm - Soldered Glass Pendant - Book Charm - Wily Fox - Red Fox Charm - Fox Necklace

Travel-themed website Wander has an on-going initiative named ‘Postcard Project’, where it invites its favorite illustrators to create graphic postcards “from everywhere and nowhere at once”.     The result is a still-expanding collection of gorgeous illustrations, many of which feature powerful, wanderlust-inducing quotes from famous people like J.R.R. Tolkien and Jack Kerouac.

Fox illustration with JRR Tolkien quote - "Not all those who wander are lost"

Alanna Cavanagh: New Doggie pattern

Alanna is a celebrated Canadian illustrator and artist who has been commissioned to design illustrations for some of North America's biggest brands.