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Day 4 – HOLY INNOCENTS: The Holy Innocents saved the Child Jesus from death by King Herod by the shedding of their own blood. The Holy Innocents are the special patrons of small children, who can please the Christ Child by being obedient and helpful to parents, and by sharing their toys and loving their siblings and playmates. The feast of the Holy Innocents is an excellent time for parents to inaugurate the custom of blessing their children. To see the blessing click the picture.

"Our Lady of the Rosary Icon -- The basic goal of the Rosary is to bring peace into the world, the peace of Christ, through Mary into the hearts of the children of God, by the power of the Holy Spirit, uniting us as one."

An example of a ‘Vierge Ouvrante’, a statuette of the Virgin Mary which opened up, as here, to reveal the Father holding the Son on the Cross, with the Holy Spirit

An Angel appears to Mary explaining to her she would bear a child by the power of the Holy Spirit. by Waiting For The Word, via Flickr

Image Credit: Breviary.Net - Corpus Christi This feast is celebrated in the Latin Church on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday to solemnly commemorate the institution of the Holy Eucharist. For centuries after the celebration was extended to the universal Church, the feast was also celebrated with a eucharistic procession, in which the Sacred Host was carried throughout the town, accompanied by hymns and litanies.

William-Adolphe Bouguereau "The Virgin, Jesus Saint John Baptist" 1875 by Art Vintage, via Flickr