judesgotit: Conch is the last ear piercing I shall do for the rest of my life. And I purchased new wood spacers, at Zero Edge. They feel lovely! Photo taken by Miriam O What a hotass woman

I miss when my dreads were "young" and fluffy like this. So many people want theirs to get get tight and lock faster, but I loved the volume of mind the first 3-4 years. It's funny, because these are extensions on this girl. Maybe I just need to add extensions to mine. Im such a jerk- like "poor me, my hair just locks so easily that I hate it" hahaha!

Undercut and extremely long locks.

Awesome cut!

awesome buzz pixie from blog: FYeah-Short-Haired-Women

undercut... this is so cool.

Bohemia ~ Jennifer van der Harten / Omnia ♥

I'll take the hair and the cool hair accessory

spiral head dread - wedding hair inspiration - i'd wear this everyday!!

Red hair.... I wanna be a rocker more then anything!!!!

SELFIE: Titanium and Undercuts love this color!

ladies undercuts for long hair - Google Search

When my hair gets long enough, and I get brave enough.

Shornnape Undercuts: Photo

Dreads with an undercut...blondes with dreads. Le sigh.

Hidden undercut is fab

Undercut with long hair.

Undercut short hair

undercut short hair with long bangs

Shaved sides undercut | Genevieve Warburton I plan to do this cut when I turn 40 let's see if it really happens.

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