judesgotit: Conch is the last ear piercing I shall do for the rest of my life. And I purchased new wood spacers, at Zero Edge. They feel lovely! Photo taken by Miriam O

I miss when my dreads were "young" and fluffy like this. So many people want theirs to get get tight and lock faster, but I loved the volume of mind the first 3-4 years. It's funny, because these are extensions on this girl. Maybe I just need to add extensions to mine. Im such a jerk- like "poor me, my hair just locks so easily that I hate it" hahaha!

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Blonde Dreads

Dreadlocks One Luv +dreadstop / @DreadStop #dreadlocks

#bohemian #dreadlocks I like her dreads..i feel like i could pull them off sometimes as i have hair in the back that naturally dread themselves haha...


Undercut and extremely long locks.


Affordable luxury 100% virgin hair starting at $65/bundle in the USA. Achieve this look with our luxury line of Peruvian Body Wave Blonde #613 hair extensions, available in lengths 12" - 26". www.vipextensionbar.com email info@vipextensionbar.com

I met a Danish girl with almost this exact same haircut, and it looked AMAZING. One day I will try it on myself! http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mdbvbjcRf11qzpbpao1_500.jpg

When my hair gets long enough, and I get brave enough.

Undercut with long hair.

undercut short hair with long bangs

Okay...I just like the fact that she has blunt bangs & a messy bun WITH a shaved side! Too much makeup though and I'm not digging the design execution.

Ok crazy people that shave the sides of your head- Try this instead? I mean at least your not half bald-__- cornrow braids on the side of the head

First popularised by model Alice Dellal a few years ago, the side cut or undercut is a trend which is growing in popularity. You can do it yourself (you just need a clipper and a #2 or #3 guard) or you can ask a hairstylist. Just make sure that you pin the hair that you don’t wish to cut out the way tightly. A great way to add an edge to your hair if you are getting bored.

please let me cut my hair again, I miss it short, but I can always keep some long pieces...

Chop! Perfect Fall Haircuts From L.A.'s Top Stylists #refinery29 http://www.refinery29.com/fall-haircut-styling-tips#slide-5 Baby bobs aren't just having a moment in Hollywood — everyone is obsessed with this versatile look. Here, a soft undercut gives the modern, edgy style a slightly playful side.

get dolled up with our flash bobbi pins in gold glitter and cantaloupe!

."She gave me this look of ultimate sass. A look that just screamed 'Oh, please... tell me more.' A look that was dripping with sarcasm. And I would be stuck with that look on that girl for the rest of my life." #couple1