smells like 8th grade in this bottle

Was my favorite!

Was anyone else ever stressed out about which number you were supposed to buy?

This smelled SO great!


I still remember the smell of this stuff

Charlie perfume...I wore it in high school! you can still buy it

Aw I remember I had one.

Ahh, the smell. :)

Love's Baby Soft...saw this at walmart last night but didn't get to smell it to see if it smells the same.

I was sooo electric.

1984 shampoo. I still remember the smell

This game took forever!! My mimi had this and I loved it!!!

One of my favorites!

I remember baton class!!!!

Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific shampoo

I remember the toxic smell

loved it!!

Although Stiff Stuff extra hold was great, my favorite hairspray for getting the front to stand up robert smith style, I used Stiff Stuff - but having a hard time finding the spray can image from the 80's

90's. Fetish Perfume. Wish i could remember what this smelled like bc I LOVED it as a child!

I loved this doll when I was little. I still remember when I lost it in second grade.