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whoa idk if this is true but yeah whatev directioners rule


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Twitter / 1DSuperHumans: omg this!!! #KissYou ...

I cant stop laughing!! I forgot my homework last week and I used this excuse. I got away with it. Apparently my teachers daughter is a huge fan so shes heard a lot.

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the real-life girl versions of one direction... this is insane.

Haha yeah, I think its more exciting on the radio for some reason. if it's its on the radio it means theyve made it and that their songs have made it

Or repin :) But it's so true my town is very little!!

OMG are you kidding me Michael Come on you really don't need to steal from Hannah Montana especially not Lola's hairdo I mean not Lola's hairdo Lola's hair color haircolor<<< OH. MY. GOSH.