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    Snape. Harry Potter

    Oh Snape!


    Always Snape


    Snape = ♥ love love love

    Knitting and Harry Potter. What's not to love?

    Indeed - Love Snape!

    Harry Potter. The three brothers. My mind is blown! I love how J.K. Rowling ties everything together AHHH!!!!!!! WHAT?!?!

    Harry Potter Sorting Hat Watercolor Art - VividEditions

    Dumbledore knew the truth. That to kill the horcrux alive in Harry, that Harry must himself die and willingly. Dumbledore knew that death would only be temporary. Why do you think he was waiting for Harry on the other side? He couldn't tell Snape that or he might have faltered in his purpose. Dumbledore knew Harry would live.

    Series of unfortunate events and Harry Potter

    This is so true. Snape loved Lily, and he risked his life to protect her son. He lost so much, and his life was so hard, but he still kept the love of his life's son safe. Snape is MY hero.<< anithero much, J.K.?

    What the Harry Potter books thought us..

    Rest in peace, Alan Rickman. What a painful loss. Severus Snape will live forever ❤️❤️❤️ #alanrickman #severussnape #snape #harrypotter #potions #potionmaster #restinpeace

    Belle's favorite book is Harry Potter!!!! #HarryPotter #Disney #BeautyandtheBeast #Beauty_and_the_Beast

    of course i knew that Bellatrix, Snape, Wormtail and Madame Maxim were in it, but the other 3 i had no idea!!~~mind. blown.

    Little Prince George is actually Snape

    I think this is such a definitive moment..I truly tells the story of Harry and Hermione's true love for one another..They are best friends and totally devoted...

    Harry Potter-Here are the first and last mentions of Severus Snape – "Say Percy, who is that teacher talking to Professor Quirrell?" "The bravest man I’ve ever known."