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  • Freaky

    Alt #Princesses #disney

  • Jazmin Cervantes Millan

    Disney Princesses Fashion, I like high school Belle, steampunk Belle and Mulan, punk Belle, and goth Tiana.

  • S Barbieri

    alternative Disney princess fashions. Though I don't know on what planet most of those High School unis would be allowed!

  • Lanie Kinder

    Disney princess styles

  • Sarah Stover

    Disney Princesses Fashion... I really like Snow Whites steampunk!

  • Emma June

    HS, Steampunk, Punk & Goth Disney Princesses. Funny how just changing the color of the dress can change so much more..

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If disney princesses went to high school

Nice try, but last I checked Daphne wasn't a Disney Princess.... And neither was Cruella De Vil<<still a princess

  • Katie Lee

    Hahaha that was my thing, like when did that happen?

  • Amy Sewell

    Mulan aint a princess eighter she merried a general not a prince.

  • Amy Sewell

    Acctuall negihter Mulan nor Alice became princesses, but im not sure about Jasmine since her father were sultan not king.

  • Sarah Carvalho

    Mulan was considered a princess by the emperor after she saved china and yes Jasmine is a princess

Disney Princesses Redesigned With Historically Accurate Outfits…

The youngest ages glared at me, too - was the norm though, if you think about when the movies were supposed to be taking place and that girls were considered eligible for marriage at much younger ages than now (Snow White-early 1500s, Jasmine-550-330BC, Aurora-14-1500s, Ariel-several possible dates 1700s-1900, Mulan-200BC-900AD, & Belle-late 1700s) YOUNG LOVE!!!

  • Alexandria & Domenic

    Eugene is 26 && Adam is 21. && Cinderella's official age is 19 years-old, Disney has announced it.

  • Kayla Blaylock

    It says in Aladdin that she "must be we'd by you 21st birthday"

  • Alexandria & Domenic

    Not even close. Disney has specifically stated that Jasmine is a "soon to be 16 year-old princess."

  • Shay G

    Princess Kida from Disney's Atlantis was 8,500 years old

  • Annabeth Chase

    Philip Adam and John Smith don't say crap u don't know jeez

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Accurate time period Disney princess costumes- These are cool, and some of them aren't THAT far off!

"I'd like to dedicate this one to all those who call the Disney Princesses passive and submissive"

Disney lessons. You have taught me well

Mean girls, Disney Style.Rachael Martin

Avatar Princesses…I don't know which category to put it in!!! Disney or Avatar!!! Lol

Disney Couples' Introductions Over the Years