Silly Pooh Bear

Best Movie Ever

If Dora were a Movie....I died from laughing

Pooh just nopes the heck out when it gets serious << this comment is the reason I'm dying: I M Pooh, Life Lessons, My Life, Bad News, Pooh Bear, Winnie The Pooh, Handle Life, Running Away

Unless they're dead! Oh, Gru... :)

Because you might be taken all wrong if you don't! | 22 Things The Little Rascals Taught Us About Romance

The worst.

Winnie the Pooh

Drill Sargent yelling at soldier about not seeing him in camouflage practice. Soldier says thank you.

Winnie the Pooh Quote

MA-HA. Loved this show

This shows that no one is perfect! Not even Winne the Pooh charaters!

Emperor's New Groove has gotta be one of my favorite movies... just saying.

Hahaha I laughed way to hard at this

I laughed way too hard at this


art by demetri martin

I am going to be 23 in September, but this is probably one of my all time favorite movies. This scene right here...yeah.

This is classic!

Winnie the Pooh Watercolor Art - VividEditions

i probably laughed too hard at this one