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Gyoza Field Trip Bento by sherimiya ♥, via Flickr- such good and cute ideas for on the go healthy meals

I like the cube of Laughing Cow cheese and the cute little dip container. I could do this.

What's a perfect lunch? #SELFMagazine - 55% carbs (complex such as whole grains, brown rice or produce; 55-83 grams w/ at least 6 grams of fiber), 20% protein (lean but hearty such as chicken, shrimp, or lowfat yogurt; 11-34 grams) & 25% fat (healthy monounsaturated such as nuts, avocado or olive oil; 13-18 grams w/ maximum 6 grams saturated).

Fish Sticks (meat and cheese served on fish topped skewer), Fish and Chips (gold fish and potato chips)

Bento Boxes for kids meals! Similar to the icecube tray idea, but not so intense. Just looking at this picture gives me a good idea for tons of lunches for my toddler

mini crackers, cereal bar, cheese, grapes, strawberries snack time

Bento School Lunches: Bento Lunch: St.Patrick's Day Rainbow bento

Valentine's Bento (clockwise) - corn kernals sliced from the cob, sesame flour heart-shaped crackers, strawberry halves, cheese hand cut out signing "I love you" atop a crustless PBJ sandwich

Clever Field Trip Bento