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    Is this a "Jurassic Park" inspired raptor?

    Awesome dog costume

    chia pet costume

    Nun ya business

    Wooo! by Theron Humphrey, Instagram, Photo of the Day. Thanks to @Tiger de Wire! #webstagram #thiswildidea #Theron_Humphrey #Ghost_Dog

    My little pony! (A dog's Halloween costume)

    Is This Guy's Baby On A Leash?..

    dressing a dog up as star wars character...

    Too funny

    This is AMAzAaaNG! I would love this glowy dinosaur! This dinosaur is my spirit animal, omyglob!

    So cute haha

    lol dog-pirate-with-treasure-costume

    HILARIOUS Halloween costumes for dogs

    Come to the bark side

    Best Collection of Dogs in Costumes You Never Know (50 Photos)


    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    omg I really can't stop laughing

    Because everyone needs a monkey in an elephant costume.