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  • Sara Bickle

    Aw. Kermit. Ok this isn't exactly art but it's a cute photograph of Kermit looking at a photo of Jim Henson. I adore the muppets so it gives me a cuddly feeling inside.

  • Meg Hogg

    Such a sweet photo. I heart Jim Henson and I heart Kermit!

  • SamNFC

    Ohhhh! So sweet! Kermit remembering his creator, Jim Henson. My heart is breaking!

  • Megan McKinney

    Jim Henson looks so joyous in this picture. The contrast between that and Kermit's nostalgia is so sweet.

  • Deepcor

    Kermit the Frog looking at a photograph of himself and deceased Jim Henson, the creator of The Muppets, and voice and performer of Kermit. #deepcor #jimhenson #kermit #themuppets #history #photography #classic

  • Amanda Adkison

    I can't. I just can't. True story: when Jim Henson died, my mom was watching the news and they played "The Rainbow Connection" and she started to cry. Being 3 or 4, I asked her why she was crying and she said "Kermit died." That's right! My mother told her preschooler that Kermit was dead! I'm still traumatized.

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I feel like I grew up with these guys… Did anyone else start tearing up when they saw this? nope just me. not likely


This is possibly one of the saddest but sweetest pictures ever.

Bert Henson was an inspirational person but he was definitely an artist...fascinating man and one of my idols...thank you Mr. Henson for your unique ideas and sharing them with the world :)

should this be breaking my heart?!?? cause it totally does. "(

This is so sad. It made me cry a little if you really think about it .. It's sad !!

Creative Giants: Jim Henson Henson was a puppeteer who revolutionized the art of puppet making by believing that puppets should have lives and souls that communicated to people. The result of Henson's vision for a world of living puppets is the most creative, well-researched, and longest running educational children's show ever, Sesame Street.

Muppet memories to pin, share and enjoy :)