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  • Michelle Smits

    Say his name five times (Tony Todd, "Transformers 2"): Friends researching urban legends attempt a variation of the Bloody Mary myth, summoning a slave's son lynched in honey and stung by bees. The researchers (Virginia Madsen, "Sideways"; Kasi Lemmons, directed "Eve's Bayou") meet a witness to Candyman (actress Vanessa Williams, TV's "Soul Food" - don't confuse with the beauty queen, who appeared in the movie); it turns out to be a wannabee.

  • sunbird

    Candyman (1992) Horror Movie

  • John Decker

    Candyman (1992): Written by horror author Clive Barker and directed by Bernard Rose, this is a fantastic horror film about an urban legend come to life. Tony Todd is great as the hook handed Candyman.

  • Pamela Moen

    Horror Movie Poster

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