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How to answer someone to a dance

Answer your prom date with a new way to say "yes!"

1. "Since we can't elope, will you go to homecoming with me?" If homecoming is a substitute for marriage, chances are this messy melon isn't the biggest drama in your life. Can you imagine if your daughter brought this home? 2. "Honey, I do!" as an answer to a wedding proposal?! What do you say? "Um, I need to think about it," and run out to buy a melon?

Cute way to answer Prom Proposals!

Idea for homecoming answer

The most creative prom invitation…and i like how both answer options are yes...

To ask to a dance :) or answer..except for a boy.

Good way to answer a guy to a dance, especially because they LOVE food!!!

Great way to get an answer to a dance

I'd be "soda"lighted - answer to dance invitation.

Super cute (and preppy) way to ask someone to homecoming!