For all Harry Potter fans , this would be the cutest way to be asked to prom/homecoming!

Harry Potter promposal

That's hilarious! 10 commandments Prom asking idea

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"Ravenclaw (Harry Potter) PROM" by colorsgalore on Polyvore

How I asked my friend to prom and she accepted in a very Harry Potter-esque way.

Harry Potter promposal! Thanks for the idea guys he loved it

Harry Potter mug. GIVE IT TO ME this would be the best gift ever

Golden Egg Pendant from "The Goblet of Fire." The Geek in me loves this

Omg.. If someone asks me like this I'll be theirs forever. This is so perfect

Harry Potter Promposal, with authentic letter and seal!


15 more creative ways to get asked to prom!

If anyone asks my to prom...they better do something creative!

Cutest prom proposal idea|| simple to do girl asks guy

How to Ask a Girl to Prom Photo 25

A cute way to ask someone to Sadie's, homecoming, or even prom.

Super cute prom proposal idea for Harry Potter fans

25 creative ways to get asked or ask to dances. Adorable. I love the baseball one, would be so cute if he played baseball and that's how he asked. I'd go for that one.

I seriously would die if someone did this for me! Seriously want to be asked to prom this way.

Harry Potter glasses ring. I want this.