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Mamba | MDF Italia

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This wooden desk with all its elegant hidden drawers inside, is the creation of Simon Schacht for his master craftsman diploma. Photos by Wolfgang Pulfer

The Perfect Office - Darth Vader Flash Drive, Alienware Small Desktop and more! | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

calming neutrals by the style files, via Flickr

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Stunning Cheap Modern Computer Desk For Stylish Office Design: Charming Furniture Cheap Modern Computer Desk Simple WhiteDesk Glass Vase

Is this not the most beautiful office space you have ever seen? Jeremiah Collection Mid Century Desk by jeremiahcollection, $1490.00

A desk with integrated amplification system that works with built-in smartphone doc.


Till Grosch and Björn Meier designed a system called Ophelis Docks for German company Ophelis. Designed to complement main work task areas like desks, these modular systems were made to create different “office islands” such as communal meeting places or retreats for relaxation or concentration. #modular #furniture #sofa #office #design

Silver Box desk accessory | Postcard from Paris Home

gorgeous :: savannah rocker by Joyon Yates