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    Dr. Who

    Ducktor Who and his TARDUCKS

    • Wolf

      Ducktor Who rubber ducks - putting this here because there are a # of Dr. Who fans in the group and well cause I can.

    • Heather Young

      OMG! Ducktor Who and his Tarducks - cake topper? Wedding favor? Someone please do something like this!!

    • Lisa Ragain

      Ducktor Who and his daughter collects rubber duckies and these would be AWESOME!

    • Dani Stoner

      I never realized how unfinished my rubber ducky collection was. Ducktor Who and his Tarducks.

    • Ebony Blue

      what exactly is the function of a rubber duck? Ducktor Who and his Tarducks by ~spongekitty

    • Angela Leazer

      Ducktor Who and his Tarducks! This combines my 2 favorite things, Rubber Duckies & Puns!!!!

    • Natalie Allen

      Ducktor Who and his Tarducks! Must add to my collection of rubber duckies! :)

    • Brenna Hayes

      Ducktor Who and his TARDUCKS. Oh duckies and Dr Who!! I want them!

    • livvy Ann

      OMG! Ducktor Who and his Tarducks - cake topper?

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    Dr Who cake!!!!!!! I want one!


    ThinkGeek :: Doctor Who TARDIS Waste Basket i believe ThinkGeek should be a more popular site, they have awesome stuff

    If you understand this, then you are a true Whovian. :) :) :)

    "There are two kinds of women in the world: those who love Tiffany blue and those who love TARDIS blue."