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ONE BILLION RISING began as a call to action based on the staggering statistic that 1 in 3 women on the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. With the world population at 7 billion, this adds up to more than ONE BILLION WOMEN AND GIRLS. ‪ ‪

Lost or Very Lost road sign - I know that feeling well!!! ° Glad those days are pretty much behind me...well tomorrow's a new day....well maybe next month.....heck 2016 has just begun...hey you get the picture.....kinda, right?!

ok... i acctually do this a lot... the other day i played "Kick Me" in my sister's car... she was absolutly terrified... irdk why... "You Don't know SHIT SHIT SHIT! You don't know one goddamned thing about me! Keep looking down on me, i'm more than you'll ever be. Cut me deep but i won't bleed. Your gonna kick kick kick me when i'm down"

Karen Hernandez • PH A seventeen year old eccentric lass who was born and raised in the tropical island of Philippines. Fueled by dreams, passion and love. She made decisions that she regret, and she took them as learning experiences.

“I realize there’s something incredibly honest about trees in winter, how they’re experts at letting things go.” I'm Jenna. new york state. ecologist. naturalist. avian biologist. dog-lover. birder. nerd. I love procrastinating, science, music, nature,...

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We could all use these quotes to get us through a case of the Wednesdays

☼☼☼ My name is Ally, I'm 18 years old, and I live on the Island of Oahu. Sarcasm is also my second language, so feel free to talk to me. ☼☼☼ Find me on Instagram: @allyssafa ☼☼☼ Hope you enjoy the sunshine ☼☼☼ ASK - ABOUT ME - ARCHIVE