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  • Lucene Lundquist

    Place in garage near entrance to house. Great idea for donation items.

  • tao chamberlin

    Build Your Own Storage - 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas and Projects for the Entire Home ... some kind of system like this is essential near the front door (deliver, donate, library), although a hidden gift box would be a great idea for you guys so that your summer purchases can always go in the same place and not get lost lol

  • Patty Cruzalvarez Bruno

    DIY storage for "Transient" Items. Would also be a good idea to label bins in the garage. I know these small boxes would fill fast over here! Awesome for garage

  • Danette Janickovic

    Great idea for organizing! This would take the guesswork out of the boxes and bags in my laundry room and garage! :)

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This is brilliant! A pull-out drawer where you can hang and store your pots and pans.

#pantry #kitchen I have to wonder if "the little lady of the house" has to get a ladder to see what is in the top two drawers. How easy is it to clean the floor inside this pantry?

I may have posted this before, or something similar, but posting it again is a testament to this concept is to me. =)

Turn office storage into a beautiful decor element by mixing woven baskets and brightly colored boxes for office and craft supply storage.

Create more storage in any room! I use an old dresser for my tv stand. Then I have my crochet yarn and other craft stuff in the drawers. In another room I did the same but store DVD movies, VHS movies and other electronic stuff. Great for storing and keeping stuff together

DIY Storage for "Transient" Items. Keeps your good intentions from cluttering your house! Excellent!

Must organise house - box for repairs, box of things that need a home