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  • Cosmic11

    Republicans. Bill Murray. Funny stuff.

  • Christina Crighton

    You're awesome wth Bill Murray #quotes

  • Xposure

    Bill Murray - you're awesome! #happy #billmurray

  • Andrew Ryan Hesselbart- Matt10:16-23-

    Bill Murray- WOW! Where do I begin on this guy? Like Steve Martin or Jim Carrey or MANY others but UNIQUE in MANY ways! That one line or facial expression that brings us to tears we're laughin' so hard!! The way he says certain things... Sarcasm! Take notes! Watch & listen to a MASTER at work in EVERYTHING he does! LEGEND! He can be a bit of a prick but he's good...Damn GOOD! I thoroughly enjoy his brilliance as he is!! <3

  • Ariel Horn

    There is nothing more inspiring than Bill Murray pointing at you and telling you you're awesome. Awesome.

  • L JB

    All Hail Bill Murray! "Stripes" is one of my favorite movies of all time!

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I think I secretly like Bill Murray.... oh wait not like that. ... like he's funny..... that's it nothing more

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I would've accepted this Christmas card..because, let's face it, he's the best there is! Murray Christmas everyone! And a Happy New Bill!

but he kinda wanted to hit her for not knowing. Oh yeah and this is from Zombieland for all of you uncultured types ;)

Truer words were never spoken. by GreenEyedGypsy

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keepinitcreeepy: beentroll: Been Bill. He really is perfect.

Even when you think you're not awesome, remember how you always win at card games and keep people laughing...

Bill Murray (my distantly related through marriage celeb connection, who once sneaked into my mother's basement)