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Job Interview Tips

While this blog post is from the perspective of prepping for a job interview, the questions she poses are good ones to think about for anyone wanting to be fully prepared for teaching in the classroom environment -- that means you, teaching artists!

I want to have an open relationships with my students and I want them to feel safe discussing any topics, including the more difficult ones like race, culture, religion, etc. I think this saying hanging in the class will foster that idea and is a good way to show your students you are a person always willing to learn and be there for them. This is part of creating a prosocial environment, as our text described in Chapter 4. by staci

8 Teaching Portfolio Essential Elements to Grab Attention

Tips on creating teaching portfolios - what to include and the importance of a teacher portfolio. A solid teaching portfolio contains a variety of different pieces of evidence which demonstrate your ability as a teacher and passion for education.

How to get students to follow directions the first time

This is a good list of pointers to remember when decorating a classroom. I like visuals and would probably be guilty of putting up too much at one time. I loved the question "Do the walls need Ritalin?" as a reminder to tone it down! Read more at:

Using Affirmations to Shift Student Mindset

Do you teach your students about growth mindset? Are you aware of the benefits of using positive affirmations? Combine these two powerful approaches and transform student achievement! Easy to use for teachers and super beneficial for students, these 22 affirmation posters and corresponding cards will challenge your students thinking about their abilities and their potential.