The groom gets to open the photo album the morning of the wedding.

Cute wedding picture!

A "just for him" wedding photo. WOW! Send to the groom the morning of

bohemian bride - way too cute! Look at that #headpiece - #bridal #wedding dress|

35 Dreamy Wedding Lingerie Ideas. hoorayyyyy i cannot wait to shop for this stuff after 2 years of waiting :D

Wedding Songs & Grand Entrance Songs

Cute Idea

40+ Hessian Wedding Ideas - hessian table runners #weddingideas #hessianwedding #rusticweddingideas

Lovely wedding cake with lotus Sugarflowers

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"Just for him" wedding shot. I don't know if I'd have the guts to let the photographer take this though! I'd have to really be comfortable with them and it would definitely have to be a woman!

When everyone stands and turns around to watch the bride walk down the isle, I like to look back at the groom and see the look on his face when he first sees his bride

could be cute even with jsut the 2 bridemaids?? @Kristina Kilmer O'Neill

Having your puppies on your wedding day!

Wedding Guest Complaints

Fill getaway car with balloons. As you make your escape, the balloons will fly out in celebration! Cute!

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Must Have Photo: Love This! His & Her Parents & The Newly Weds