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If there's an empty room on the floor, put this sign here. those who dwell in the secret (hidden) place of the most high shall REST in the shadow of the most high... I will hide you in the cleft (wound) of the rock....The lord is a dwelling place...Those that make their home in love make their home in God... (all these quotes from the bible)

By motivating ones self with a pep talk, you can break the barriers which hinder your creativity, thus hindering your purpose in life. Positive thoughts emerge when you are happiest. Sometimes a little self motivated kind words can release a sense of purpose to share with the world in a positive way.


Yay Burst

Yay Burst by Mike Lowery is pretty self-explanatory. You feel happy and you want the world to know — wear this. You feel sad and you want to cheer yourself up — wear this. Basically, this Tattly is good for any occasion.

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Ten Best Inspirational Quotes for Volunteering

Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express, not to impress.

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