Halloween Food: Halloween Veggies

great to drop into a guacamole dip and chip platter for Halloween!

PUT IT IN A PUMPKIN!!! GENIUS! Autumn Veggie Platter Could also do with caramel and apples or Lorna's fall apple dip #budgettravel #travel #halloween #DIY

Healthy Veggie Tray Pumpkin

halloween food ideas

candy corn halloween

Halloween Veggie Tray

Halloween food

Halloween snacks.


Halloween treats

spooky adult beverages...yum!

Halloween parties anyone?

Healthy Halloween Snack

Jack-O-Lantern Veggie Tray (maybe celery for the top instead of pickles? and maybe some red peppers to frame it?)


halloween treats

halloween food

fun halloween food

Halloween food

Candy corn pop corn! Such a cute idea for Halloween!